Fortinet VPN Client

Fortinet VPN Client

Download FortiClient VPN:

If you need VPN access to your server, you will need to download the FortiClient VPN here:

Steps to Connect to VPN:

  1. Enter the IP of the remote gateway (we will provide this to you).

  2. Use customize port 10443.

  3. Toggle save login.

  4. Enter your Username (we will provide this for you).

  5. Check Do not Warn Invalid Server Certificate.

  6. Click Apply then close.


  7. Make sure the connection you’ve just made is selected (if you have multiple).

  8. Enter your username and password (We will provide this to you)

  9. Click Connect.


  10. You are now connected to VPN!

    You can check your VPN status in the notification area of your local PC. Right Click to show the VPN console, disconnect, or connect to the VPN client.