How to Create a New Account in WHM"

To create a cPanel account, first you will need to create at least one hosting package from WHM. You can easily create a package from the Add a Package option in WHM.

  1. Log into your WHM account.

  2. Go to Account Functions » Create a New Account or type “Create a new account” in the search box and then the option will appear. Click on it.


  3. Enter the following details under Domain Information:

    • Domain: The domain name you with to host such as (

    • Username: After you enter a domain name, click on this field and it will automatically fill up your username or enter any other username you wish to use.

    • Password: Enter a password of use a password generator. Copyhte password in a safe place. It will be required while accessing your newly-created account.

    • Email: Your email address.

    • Choose a Package: From the drop-down menu, you can choose a package. If there isn’t any package available, you can create it from the Add a Package option.


    Under Settings:

    • CGI Access: Tick this to enable CGI access.

    • cPanel Theme: You can leave it as is or choose a theme you wish ot use for your cPanel user account.

    • Locale: You can choose a language for your cPanel user account.


    Under Reseller Settings:

    • Make the account a reseller one: Leave it unchecked if you do not want to grand reseller access to your cPanel account.

    Under DNS Settings:

    • Enable DKIM on this account: It is enabled by default. We recommend you keep it enabled.

    • Enable SPF on this account: Tick this option to prevent abusers by sending spoof email on behalf of your domain name.


  4. Leave all other options as they are. Scroll down to the Create button and click it.

You cPanel account will be created successfully.