How to Create/Add a Package in WHM

You can create predefined packages in WHM for automation purposes or simplicity.

  1. Log into your WHM account.

  2. Go to Packages » Add a Package or type “Add Package” in the search box and then the option will appear. Click on it.


  3. Under Add a Package, enter the package name and change the resources according to your needs.


  4. Under Settings enter the following details:

    • Dedicated IP: Choose this if you want to give a dedicated UP to each account or leave it unchecked.

    • Shell Access: Tick this box if you wish to give SSH access to the user. However, we recommend that you leave it unchecked.

    • cPanel Theme: Choose a theme for the user.

    • Feature List: If you are not using a custom feature list, leave it as it is.


  5. Click on the Add button and your new package will be created.

Congratulations! Your new package is created. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to add more hosting packages.