The Importance of Backups

Importance of Backups

Data loss is one of the most costly and destructive accidents that can happen to a business. Most businesses are online and even the local flower shop could be handling a massive quantity of data via payment portal, accounting software, or employee scheduling tools. Imagine what would happen to the flower shop if they lost … Read more

How to Perform a Traceroute

You have noticed a website you are visiting is slow. Or perhaps you switched hosting providers and want to test the latency difference. In these scenarios, it makes sense to perform a traceroute.   Traceroute is a command that lets you test how many hops you are connecting over and the latency between those hops. … Read more

How Edge Improves Real Time Performance

Howe edge improves real time performance

Edge Computing and how it can improve real-time application performance Edge Computing is a type of distributed computing paradigm where data storage, information processing, and networking is brought closer to the people and devices that consume that information. Why is edge computing important? To answer this question, let’s understand a few terms necessary to the … Read more

Installing PIP on Windows and macOS

Install pip on Mac OS and Windows

Pip is a package manager for the Python programming language. It provides an easy-to-use command-line interface for installing, updating, and removing Python software. For example, to install the popular Requests HTTP client with pip, you could run the command: pip install requests In this article, we’ll outline how Python pip works, show you how to … Read more

Understanding the Difference Between Cloud-First and Cloud-Only Strategies

In 2010, the US government announced its “cloud-first” policy. This policy dictated that “going forward, when evaluating options for new IT deployments, the government will require that agencies default to cloud-based solutions whenever a secure, reliable, cost-effective option exists”. Since then, cloud-first has become the de facto term for the strategy where businesses emphasize transitioning … Read more

Deploy Quickly With Turnkey Linux!

Turnkey Linux

What Makes Us So Excited to Offer Turnkey Linux? For those that like to be “hands-on” with their ZebraHost tenancy and spin up servers within their hypervisor, we have some great news! Turnkey Linux is now live on our cloud and it will save you a ton of time spinning up servers for a variety … Read more

Configure an Emby Server on Linux

Install Emby Server on Linux

What is Emby? Emby is a media server service that allows users to create their own private server with ease. It provides a web client and apps for mobile devices and TVs that allow a user to stream a variety of content ranging from music, pictures, movies, and TV. Though lesser known than Plex, Emby … Read more

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)


Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a proprietary graphical remote desktop software developed by Microsoft. It is the default solution for connecting to remote Windows servers and has been packaged with every version of Windows since XP. Now on its 8th version, RDP has been forked to work on most popular operating systems including IOS, Android, … Read more

Understanding Git

Understanding Git

What is Git? Git is the most widely used Version Control Control System in the world. It was developed by Linus Torvalds in 2005 as a way to address the challenges of remote development projects and the multiple conflicting updates that can occur during the development cycle as a result of developers not working closely … Read more