Edge Network vs CDN – and Why They Can Help Your Business

CDN vs Edge Network

The Internet and networking technology is becoming increasingly critical for business growth. More people are shopping and working online than ever before.  Companies are now using the Internet as the primary outlet for increasing brand recognition, reaching customers, and converting sales. Although it seems like more users online equal more sales opportunities there is a … Read more

Happy Birthday ZebraHost!

Happy Birthday ZebraHost

It’s Our Birthday! Today July 7th, 2000, ZebraHost was established by current CEO Clive Swanepoel. Over these last 20 years, we’ve continuously strived to bring our clients the best of breed technology and exceptional customer service. Speaking of our clients, we couldn’t have made it this far without you! Over these last 20 years, we’ve … Read more

What is the Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud

What is the hybrid cloud, and why are so many businesses turning to it? Try this, Count how many digital services you rely on day to day. Now, count how many of those must connect to the internet and how many of those are subscription-based. After connecting to my CRM, email marketing manager, Adobe Creative … Read more

The Importance of Hypervisors


Hypervisors are important. They are the main tool that helps your hosting provider manage all the virtual machines that connect you with YOUR sensitive data. At first, Hypervisors might seem like something only the hosting provider needs to worry about. But you should be aware of what features the hypervisor running your virtual machine has. … Read more

What is the Public Cloud?

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud Public Cloud, It’s a puzzling term, isn’t it? Companies are moving applications and critical data to something called the ‘Public Cloud’ at a record pace. At first, “public” cloud sounds well… public. It sounds like content designed for the entire world to see. SO WHY WOULD A COMPANY DO THAT WITH THEIR … Read more

How To Install Docker on Ubuntu 19 “Disco Dingo”

Install Docker on Ubuntu

What is Docker? Docker is a popular containerization platform that allows you to run applications in their own isolated environments. Containerization is often seen as the next evolution of virtualization technology and is often run within virtual machine environments for extra security. Ubuntu is one of the more popular Linux distributions due to user familiarity … Read more

Domain Squatting And How to Protect Yourself

Domain Squatting

What is Domain Squatting or Cybersquatting? These days, your business’s success is largely dictated by your online presence. And your Internet presence is largely dictated by your SEO and how you rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Having a domain that represents your business well and is easy for users to remember not only … Read more

Containers vs Virtual Machines

Containers vs VMs

Containers vs VMs At first, it seems like containers are the natural evolution of virtualization. VMs have been around much longer which makes them seem like old tech compared to containers. Containers and VMs also tend to be written about as if they compete for the future of cloud computing and it’s a battle to … Read more

How To Install a Plex Media Server On Ubuntu (4 Ways)

Install Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server Plex Media Server allows you to build your own private multimedia cloud. The Plex service ranges from a free subscription with few limitations to a monthly paid service or perpetual license that provides extra mobile app functionality. Plex is a simple way for users to create their own cloud for streaming movies, … Read more

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

What is hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI, hyper-converged, hyper-converged)? Traditionally, data centers have relied on a separate stack of hardware including a layer for compute, a layer for storage, and a layer for networking – in order to function. With that comes the experts necessary to set up, maintain, and troubleshoot these complex infrastructures. A deep level … Read more