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Buying IT infrastructure has changed. One-time purchases have been replaced with complex licensing fees. Everything has become a platform or service that’s designed to deliver intuitive APIs at the cost of vendor lock-in. And no on picks up the phone anymore, especially the large tech companies your infrastructure (and business) depends on!

So we’re offering a solution to developers and businesses looking for a flexible, and scalable alternative. We're putting our clients first by providing exceptional customer service and cutting-edge hardware. No more support windows or slow clouds, every interaction with us is consultative, centered around meeting your goals.

ZebraHost was founded 20 years ago in Des Moines, Iowa during the height of the dotcom bubble. As IT businesses collapsed, we expanded. We were fueled by the developers building apps that impact the world around them, and the beautiful websites that businesses rely on us daily to keep up.

But we aren’t resting on our laurels. We've learned several lessons from the crash that to this day, provide the framework for how we operate. From our 7 core values, to our consultative, client-centric approach to doing business, we are trying to make the cloud more people focused.

Right now, We are continuing to challenge the competitive cloud industry by thinking of how we can do things better. Each team member spends a portion of their time thinking of and testing new solutions – many of which end up in our products. Everyone on our team is a leader, and the products and ideas they come up with today will continually be integrated into our product stack so we can provide you the best cloud services in the business.


There are no compromises in our services. Everything is best of breed.

Scalability To Suite Your Needs

We provide fast, scalable solutions as you grow. Talk to us about what you need now and what you’ll anticipate in the future.

24/7/365 Customer Support

We're available 24/7/365 over phone, email, or support ticket. We'll work with you to solve any challenge that comes up.

Hardware Firewalls

We take security seriously. Which is why we use hardware firewalls from a leading cybersecurity firm. Anything hosted by us is safe.

KVM Cloud Infrastructure

Our KVM infrastructure provides bare-metal-like performance. It is built to handle even the most demanding projects.


Being a “partner” in cloud infrastructure means being more than just an infrastructure provider. It means being there whenever there is a technical issue. It means helping you integrate emerging technology into your cloud as seamlessly as possible. And it means always being exceptionally transparent.

Our focus has always been to provide a consultative approach to problem solving. From the moment we are picking out hardware specs for your new cloud to making sure your cloud is performing at its best years down the line, every decision is made with the goal of providing you the very best value and performance possible. Your goals become our goals.

Finally, being a partner means never putting your security at risk. Each team member at ZebraHost is trained on cybersecurity best practices and understands how critical it is that your cloud remains secure. We will use whatever resources needed, including third-party consultants, or integrating new technology into our stack to make sure your security remains uncompromised.

Maintaining a private cloud can become extremely expensive. Companies must first purchase all the necessary hardware. Then, they must pay extra IT staff to support the hardware, extra utility costs to keep hardware going, and finally, purchase ongoing technical support and hardware upgrades/replacements to maintain the stack.

Moving to ZebraHost public cloud will replace these costs with a single, recurring monthly expense. For companies that wish to purchase annual subscriptions to ZebraHost cloud, that is an option too. Converting expenditures to a consistent monthly expenditure can make accounting much easier and reduce overall expenses.

ZebraHost considers itself a partner in cloud infrastructure. What that means is that we consider your growth and success our growth and success. When your company is scaling, it means that we are providing services that are helping your business grow. And we take great pride in that.

To make sure your business continues to scale, we constantly look for new innovative technologies to integrate into our stack. And we always use existing hardware from industry leaders to maximize performance and value.

In the increasingly vulnerable world of cloud computing only the best security will do. We train our staff to comply with security best practices and be trained to understand all our industry-leading security solutions. Including our hardware firewalls.

We also have a team of outside consultants that specialize in high-level security vulnerabilities and attacks. Together with them, ZebraHost is able to solve and prevent even the most malicious attacks.


Simply Put? The Best.

The team at ZebraHost have worked tirelessly over the last 20 years to make sure that ZebraHost is the no-compromises cloud solution. As we’ve expanded our services we’ve become a non-proprietary infrastructure provider that offers best-of-breed services that integrate seamlessly with our cloud.

We’ve made sure to never implement vendor lock-in. We've limiting our use of proprietary services and platforms to make sure our users are never locked in. We’ve continued to embrace choice by allowing you to choose which operating system you develop in while working with you to implement custom solutions.

Being the best also means having exceptional hardware. Our rack is located in HIPAA, PCI, HITRUST certified data centers globally and are defended by state-of-the-art security. Our hardware stack includes industry-leading hardware firewalls, high availability servers, and a KVM that provides exceptionally fat performance. All this is backed by a 99% uptime guarantee.

ZebraHost remains 100% transparent with our customers and prospects. We make sure to maintain a constant line of communication so you know what challenges we are facing, and what how close we are to a solution.

We also make sure to keep customers aware of any security vulnerabilities they might be at risk of and letting them know what the best practices are for resolving those issues.

If solutions are not ideal, such as having too much or too little compute power for a task, We inform clients and prospects so they know they are getting an optimized solution. We can also explain quotes and reasoning for a given price upon request.

ZebraHost believes that being a good partner and delivering exceptional value means letting you customize your cloud as you see fit. We’ve maintained support for Windows server as well as a variety of Linux distributions to make sure we have a cloud that fits your needs.

We will also work with your to build a tailored solution if none of our pre-configured clouds fit your needs. Simply speak to our helpful support team and we will make sure to deliver the perfect cloud.

One of the most critical aspects of being a good partner for cloud infrastructure is making sure clients have the ability to migrate to and from ZebraHost cloud as they see fit. We make sure not to implement proprietary platform services so that we do not risk creating vendor lock-in.

If you ever feel like ZebraHost Cloud no longer fits your needs, we will work with you to make sure your data is safely transferred out of our cloud. We will also work with you to implement hybrid cloud solutions if you decide some of your data is too sensitive for the cloud.


We leverage our global data center network to the fullest. With features like optional CDN, geo-redundant storage, and data sovereignty compliance, ZebraHost helps you reach your users around the globe.


Every team member works to implement our values both internally, and with our services. Every. Single. Day.

Always Learn

We invest time for each of our team members to learn. From building a software stack to reading, we believe in becoming 1% better everyday.

Always Take Ownership

Not only does our team get results, but they see projects through and are responsible for delivering exceptional results.

Always Be User Focused

We make sure our client's success is our success. Every team member remains focused not on sales, but delivering long term solutions.

Always Leave Your Ego At The Door

Being humble is what makes our team so great. Each team member makes sure that rank is not the focus, but instead the results.

Always Be Team Oriented

Tech companies die when leadership is surrounded by yes men. So our team members aren't afraid to say no.

Always Act With Integrity

We make sure we are transparent with both our clients and each other. If everyone acts with integrity, everyone wins.

Always Confront and Solve Problems

To solve problems, you need to tackle them head on. We will find a custom solution if it means beating a challenge.

What Our Customers Say

Our clients come to us for exceptional customer service and value. Here's a few testimonials.

"ZebraHost has completely exceeded my expectations! My businesses website was completely unusable for our customers and our previous hosting company was unable to have a fix completed in a timely manner. Luckily, we found ZebraHost and they were able to get our site back up and running very quickly. ZebraHost is the hosting experts you are looking for!".

Alex T.

"After years of poor tech support and yearly increasing rates I finally switched my company server away from GoDaddy to the much recommended ZebraHost. I wish I would have done so sooner! Tech support at ZebraHost has been outstanding and prices are very fair. I highly recommend!".

Aundrea R.

"The ZebraHost team is the absolute tip of the spear for us...The response time is insane! 2AM no problem, 3PM no problem, 4AM no problem. We've never had an issue that could not be resolved by the ZebraHost team in a matter of minutes."

John F.


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