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ZebraHost offers competitive cloud solutions designed for businesses of all sizes. Start as low as $5 for our Balanced Public Cloud or contact us for custom dedicated and hybrid cloud solutions.

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ZebraHost offers fully managed web hosting services designed to make having a website easy. Our team will work with you to install updates, monitor peformance and scale resources as needed. Our support team is available via phone, email or ticket 24/7/365.

ZebraHost website hosting supports standard HTML websites. We also support most major CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

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Your domain can be one of the greatest marketing assets for introducing prospects to your brand. But a bad domain can also act as a barrier. Unfortunately, purchasing a domain isn't simple. You must think about how well your domain relates to your brand, SSL certification, top level domains, domain history and where to purchase a secure domain.

ZebraHost makes the process of purchasing a domain simple by providing all the tools needed along with a support team that can help guide you the process and best practices. Once your domain name is purchased, our team will help get your domain integrated with your website along with an optional SSL certificate.

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Load balancing is the process of distributing traffic across multiple servers to make processing tasks more efficient. Load balancers use specialized software to intercept all traffic then redistribute it to a destination server based on a variety of criteria. Criteria could include which server is least utilized, if users are to be sent to a unique landing page, if that user has an active session on a particular server, etc.

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Starting at just $33.00/Year, Zebra Cloud Mail provides powerful, secure, enterprise-grade email that integrates seamlessly with your organization’s cloud. We developed Zebra Cloud mail to be an affordable email service that provides all necessary functionality for organizations including aliases, anti-spam, custom mailboxes, and backup.

Zebra Cloud Mail is non-proprietary and will work on any secure POP/IMAP enabled email client. Popular examples include default email applications on smartphones, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird. As long as your client is POP/IMAP enabled, feel free to use any client you wish.

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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are certificate files hosted with a website that allow data going to and from your website to be encrypted. An SSL certificate is essential for any website because search engines and browsers now penalize sites that do not use SSLs by stating that the site is unsecure when users visit.

The best way to make sure your site is secure is to purchase a quality SSL certificate. Once an SSL is purchased and installed on a website, the search engine will recognize the site is encrypted and display a lock icon letting users know their data is safe.

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Zebra Backup is a simple, no-fuss backup solution designed for businesses of all sizes. Zebra Backup takes instant snapshots of your cloud or on-premises infrastructure and makes them available as images in the cloud where they will remain safe and accessible. When you are ready to restore a system, simply download the image from ZebraHost cloud and your system will be restored in minutes.

Zebra Backup was designed with simplicity in mind. There are no complex licensing agreements or limitations. Simply choose how much storage you need and take as many backups as needed until its full. If you need to purchase more storage, simply upgrade your plan to one that better suites your needs.

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ZebraHost Remote Desktops provides a machine to businesses and developers to use anywhere. Developers and businesses can use our powerful KVM-powered Remote Desktops to manage remote teams, develop while traveling, or run multiple operating systems without using resources on their personal devices.

ZebraHost Remote Desktops run either Linux Desktop or Windows. This allows developers to run an OS for development simultaneously with their primary operating system while using next to zero resources on their personal machine.

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We think your cloud should be customizable. So we allow you to add RAM, CPU, and Storage to your cloud plan at any time. Simply order the specs you need from our storefront and let us know which server you want them added to!

Please specify in the notes which cloud you would like us to add resources to. If you are a Virtual Private Cloud client, we will simply add resources to your tenant.

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A ZebraHost consultant can guide you through which cloud is right for your needs!