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Specifics on the ZebraHost Partner Program 

ZebraHost Affiliate Program

We've developed the ZebraHost Partner Program to enable our partners to earn a monthly recurring commission distrubting our cloud solutions. Partners can add competitive cloud solutions to their offerings for clients that need a one-stop shop. Partners gain a new revenue source while ZebraHost scales.

The ZebraHost Partner Program is offering partners and affiliates a 10% monthly recurring commission. The commission is applicable for ZebraHost cloud solutions and recurs as long as the products are actively billed at ZebraHost.

ZebraHost provides resources designed to help partners and affiliates succeed. Resources include sales scenarios, email templates, powerpoints, product catalogs and more.

ZebraHost Remote Work Desktop


Reasons to join the ZebraHost Affiliate Program.

We Communicate

We are dedicate to our partner's success. We will contact you periodically to check in as well as provide you with ongoing selling resources.

Bespoke Solutions

If you have a lead that needs a custom solution, we will work with you and them to build the right solution. And get you your commission.

We Care

We're small. And we get to know each and every one of our affiliates and clients. We'll know your product and how to help :)


We own our own infrastructure. Our clouds are private and located in Tier III data centers with strict certifications like HIPAA.

Recurring Commission

Our generous 10% recurring commission is among the best in the business. Over time it will turn into a substantial revenue source.

We Have History

ZebraHost has been in business 0ver 20 years. Many of our original clients are still with us today. Now that's a dedicated client base.


How We Define Apects of the Partner Program

Agent: An agent is defined as any non-W2 ZebraHost employee. Both Affiliates and Partners are considered agents. Agents are outside the organizationa and therefore do not have access to employee benefits. Agencts have no set hours and can participate ain the Partner Program at their discretion.

Affiliate: An Affiliate is an agent that brings new business to ZebraHost via word of mouth, affiliate link, or anything else that results ina sale. Affilaites must source and close a sales to be counted. Affilaites have access to standard commission rates.

Partner: A partneri s an agent that brings new business to ZebraHost via word of mouth, affiliate, or anything else that results ina sale. Partners typicaly handle larger deals that may include contracts. Partners must source and contribute hrough the sales process from hunting to the closing of a sale. Partners will ahve access to standard commissions as well as discount rates that ZebraHost may choose to implement at any time.

Cloud Service: A cloud service is any cloud server product taht ZebraHost offers including Balanced Public Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, Private Network VPS, Hybrid Cloud, Bare Metal Cloud, and Dedicated cloud.

Commission: A commission is a set percentage of each sale's total value that is paid to the affiliate or partner that sources and closes a new sale.

Eligible Cloud Services

Services You Can Earn Commission Selling.

Balanced Public Cloud

ZebraHost Balanced Public cloud is an exceptional value for those looking for a ready-made cloud with optimized performance. it takes all the guess work out of choosing specs by balancing them so that they are optimized for most common tasks.

Private Network VPS

Private Network VPS is cloud with security that goes beyond the industry standard. Not only will your VPS be protected by an industry-leading hardware firewall, and given it's own private tenancy, but it will also be given it's own private vLAN.

Virtual Private Cloud

A virtual data center empowering businesses and developers alike to manage their own VMs. VPC provides a Cloud OS where VMs can be created, and destroyed. Also provision resources like RAM, CPU, and storage.

Dedicated Private Server

ZebraHost Dedicated Private Clouds are designed for businesses that require performance, stability, and security with ZERO compromises. With consultation, our Dedicated Private Clouds are build per spec by you to maximize value.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is an infrastructure strategy where a company will maintain their own on-premises private cloud while utilizing a public cloud to scale. ZebraHost provides businesess with custom Hybrid Clouds to work aroudn their needs.

Web Hosting

ZebraHost provides affordable web hosting solutions that make managing a website easy. We provide solutions such as Plesk and cPanel control panels and a free domain to new customers for the first year.

Load Balancers

Shared and dedicated managed load balancers. ZebraHost software-defined load balancers are an affordable solution to frequent traffic surges. ZebraHost offers managed load balancers so you dont have to think about it.

Zebra Backup

ZebraHost provides affordable web hosting solutions that make managing a website easy. We provide solutions such as Plesk and cPanel control panels and a free domain to new customers for the first year.


You will be required to sign an NDA. Other than that, there is no requirement to join the program.

Yes. ZebraHost reserves the right to remove anyone from the program. If you have been found to violate the program's terms regarding ethics you will be removed. ZebraHost will inform you about the exact reason for your removal.

It depends. You can reach out to ZebraHost to let us know the circumstances and reason for your dismissal from the program. Eligibility to rejoin will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


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