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Work from home is starting to become commonplace. More companies are realizing the cost saving benefits while employees find it helps them escape commutes and save time in their day. Companies that create flexible work from home options are seeing increased interest from top talent while seeing overall productivity go up. But the benefits companies that embrace work-from-home are seeing, also comes with increased challenges.

Challenges facing employers include security issues from employees using personal devices, storing important data off-premises, a lack of secure networks, and a lack of centralization for important data. As proper data management becomes an increasingly important part of company success and consumer perception, businesses need to find a solution that enables employees to work remote while negating flagrant security challenges resulting from a remote workforce.

ZebraHost Remote Work Desktop


Work from home has advantages. But also security challenges.

Lack of Firewall

Most employees working from home lack a firewall and or rely on unreliable software protection not fit for enterprise use.

Important Docs Taken Remote

Remote work employees take important office documents with them. Corporations have no control over where those documents go.

Personal Devices are Unsecure

Employee personal devices are inherently unsecure. Work and personal data becomes mixed which risks compromising security.

Poor Network Security

Employees are often unable to work on secure remote networks. They will often work on unsecure personal networks or even public networks.

Lack of Supervision

When employees work remotely there is little supervision of their activities. This may lead to compromising technical challenges.

No Single Backup Protocal

Most companies do not have a mandated backup policy or the infrastructure to support remote backup.

THE SOLUTION? A ZebraHost Remote Desktop

ZebraHost Remote Desktops present a solution to work from home security challenges. A ZebraHost Remote Desktop will allow your company to maintain critical data on-premises while making it accessible to remote employees. Remote Desktops will also allow your company to keep critical data, documents, and other material centralized so that it can be monitored by IT and management.

ZebraHost Remote Desktops operate via a web interface. Employees simply go to an address, login, and a desktop will be projected on their device reflecting either their computer desktop from work or a work station on an administered server. Remote Desktop functions seamlessly for employees. It takes over an entire screen, perfectly emulating their work station. With low latency and the ability for IT to assist remotely from a single pane of glass program, remote desktops bring security and simplicity to remote work.


Keep your employees all in one place. Virtually.


Employee's screen and activity is shared with your systems administrator. This means more security and more productivity from your team.

Private Connection

Remote desktops use hardware that remains on-premises and creates a virtual connection that can be secured over VPN.

Easy to Administer

Compared to managing fragmented personal devices, remote desktops can be managed from a single pane of glass.

Dedicated Support

Remote desktops come with 24/7/365 support which decreases time IT needs to solve challenges. Increasing employee work uptime.

Universal Device Compatibility

Remote desktop work on any device. Employees can access remote desktop on their personal device without allowing it to access critical data.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Remote desktop suppports multi-factor authentication to make sure only authorized employees are accessing remote desktops.

Simple Interface

Remote deskop is accessed by a simple web address. Once connected, the desktop looks like its native to the machine making the transition easy.

OS Agnostic

Remote desktop can run on any major operating system. The remote desktop itself can also run on Linux or Windows.


Remote desktop is accessed via the web browser. There is no complex installation for employees and no data is stored on personal machines.



Leostream provides cutting edge remote desktop solutions. Leostream provides ZebraHost with services that allow us to add remote work capabilities to our services stack.

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IGEL is a provider of thin clients.

Although ZebraHost remote work solutions will work with any existing hardware you have, IGEL is an excellent option if you need hardware. IGEL thin clients are small and portable desktops that work well with ZebraHost remote desktop solutions.

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IT will have access to a program that will allow the provisioning and management of remote desktops. In this program IT will be able to control resources and deliver technical support when needed.

Yes. Because the program works through a centralized IT infrastructure and only projects an authorized remote desktop, it is easy to revoke access on any device.

Yes. Because ZebraHost Remote Desktop is hardware agnostic and works through a browser window, there is nothing preventing you from mixing and matching the types of devices your employees use.


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