Zebra ransomware stopper

Be ready when ransomware strikes


Ransomware is a type of malicious software that typically encrypts data until a ransom payment is made. Ransomware attacks have been increasing in frequency, becoming one of the top concerns for business leaders.

The damage ransomware causeses goes beyond the ransom payment, and can infect every aspect of your business. Here is a highlight of damanges your company can expect as a result of a ransomware attack.

productivity checklist

Lost Productivity

To prevent further ransomware infection and reverse damage, your organization will need to redirect a lot of productivity.

time is money

Costly Downtime

Think about how much your business will lose as a result of taking your solution offline to solve a ransomware attack.

business relations

Damanged Client Ops

A ransomware attack can damange both your physical and digital supply chains. Ransomware can damage business relationships.


Reputation Damage

It is diffucult for a business to recover clients' lost trust after a ransomware attack. Most clients will switch.

envelope of money

Direct Financial Loss

Payments for ransomware typically exceed thousands of dollars. The highest payour ever was $4.5 million worth of bitcoin.

IP loss

IP Loss

A Ransomware loss can cause the loss of intellectual property such as product designs, prospecting results, and marketing material.


More Viruses

If a malicious actor got into your system and encrypted files, who knows what else they installed or modified on your system.


Regulation Violation

Ransomware can make your business non-compliant with privacy regulation like GDPR. And non-compliance fines can be costly.



The steps Zebra Ransomware Stopper takes to defend your system.

Quick Deploy

Zebra Ransomware Stopper is deployed in minutes. At that time, decoy files are written with the goal of drawing ransomware that infiltrates the system

quickly deploy decoy files

User Alerted

The system owner is alerted of potential ransomware. They will be given a prompt asking to confirm if they began an encryption process. If the answer is no, or htere is no response, the threat is considered ransomware.

User alerted when ransomware is detected

Encryption Stopped

After ransomware has been confirmed, Zebra Ransomware Stopper isolates the process, shuts it off and ends the encryption process. This isolates and stops the ransomware.

encryption process stopped

System Shutdown

infected system is shutdown to prevent further spread.

system shutdown because of ransomware


No. Zebra Ransomware Stopper is a last line of defense, meaning that it is activated once ransomware has infected a system and begins to encrypt files. You should consult a cybersecurity expert on other precautions you will need to take as well as services that can prevent ransomware from infecting a system in the first place.

Strongly communicating to staff security proceedures and having a strong firewall and anti-virus in place is an excellent start.

Little interaction with Zebra Ransomware Stopper is required once it is installed. The software operates passively in the background while your server or desktop perform normal tasks. You do not need to actively manage or monitor the software often.

There is no guarantee your system will succesfully repel all ransomware. However, Zebra Ransomware Stopper has a history or operating affectively on other systems and its effectiveness can be demonstrated.


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