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Zebra Backup is a simple, no-fuss backup solution designed for businesses of all sizes. Zebra Backup takes instant snapshots of your cloud or on-premises infrastructure and makes them available as images in the cloud where they will remain safe and accessible. When you are ready to restore a system, simply download the image from ZebraHost cloud and your system will be restored in minutes.

Zebra Backup was designed with simplicity in mind. There are no complex licensing agreements or limitations. Simply choose how much storage you need and take as many backups as needed until its full. If you need to purchase more storage, simply upgrade your plan to one that better suites your needs.

Backup from ZebraHost


Instant Snapshots & Instand Restore

Our hypervisor allows instant snapshots for cloud states. This means all files up to the point of backup are safe.

Automatic Scheduled Backup

ZebraHost can schedule your cloud to take automatic backups. This brings consistency, and peace of mind your files are safe.

Optional Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

Zebra Backup works with more than just ZebraHost Cloud. Our services can be integrated into your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

24/7/365 Customer Support

Zebra Backup solutions comes with 24/7/365 support meaning that if any challenges arise, we're ready to help.

Full access to Control Panel

ZebraHost gives you full access to the hypervisor so you can take your own backups if you need more control.

Up to 5 TB Backup Storage

Zebra Backup offers enterprise-grade backup storage designed to handle even the largest backup snapshots.

Backups Stored as Images

ZebraHost snapshots can be stored as image files. Spin up a new cloud on either our infrastructure or your own on-premises infrastructure.

Secure Off-Premises Infrastructure

Our cloud is secured in data centers with 24/7 surveilance, temperature control, and biometric security keeping your backups safe.


Backups should be simple. They shouldn’t require licensing that dictates how many clouds your backup can run on, how many times you can take a backup, or how often data can be restored. Instead, backups need simple pricing, and simple plans. They should feature flat pricing, and only be limited to the amount of storage space you purchase, making accounting for the backups that keep your business safe, easy, clear, and sustainable.

Zebra Backup is a robust backup solution that can take snapshots in seconds and restore in minutes. It was designed from the ground-up to be as straightforward as possible with an intuitive interface and flat monthly pricing. Zebra Backup also features unrivaled flexibility by having no deployment requirements so you can deploy within your ZebraHost cloud, or even a hybrid cloud arrangement.

Set how often you want to backup your data, take manual backups, secure your data in an off-premises data center with industry-leading security, and finally, restore your data whenever needed. If you need help, our services come managed by default with 24/7 support over phone, email, or support ticket.


Unfortunately not. Zebra Backup restores the entire system as a snapshot. Because of this, when you want to restore a single file it is recommended you either restore the snapshot in a a new environment or temporary server. Then, grab the file you need and import it to your main setup. Contact ZebraHost if you need help creating a temporary environment to restore individual files.

Your snapshot is your property. Our technology is not proprietary so if you choose to take your snapshots to another provider or use the image for on-premises hardware we are happy to help you obtain and move the file.

Yes. We will help you choose a backup schedule per your needs. Simply contact our support team and we will make it happen.

Yes. Please contact our customer service so that we can discuss how long snapshots are stored for and how that will affect storage and automatic backup schedules.


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