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Private Network VPS is cloud with security that goes beyond the industry standard. Not only will your VPS be protected by an industry-leading hardware firewall, and given it's own private tenancy, but it will also be given it's own private vLAN. What this means is that all traffic coming in and out is encrypted, protecting your users from potential snooping.

Our Private Network VPS is designed to meet requirements for websites and applications that handle sensitive data like E-commerce platforms, and apps that handle personal information.

Unlike a public cloud, our Private Network VPS provides private tenancy meaning that your data is stored separate from other users. This means your data is completely protected within its own virtual environment and any data passing in or out is protected via vLAN which protects your data at the network level.

Private Network Virtual Private Server


Private Network VPS Pricing
Plan CPU Cores RAM Storage Windows Availability Monthly Price
Z1 1 Core 2 GB 240 GB $63/mo Order Now
Z2 2 Cores 4 GB 100 GB $105/mo Order Now
Z3 4 Cores 8 GB 150 GB $147/mo Order Now
Z4 4 Cores 16 GB 200 GB $200/mo Order Now

*Windows Server Upgrade incurs an additional +$35/mo charge above listed monthly price

*Pricing is for US market only. Select international data centers may incur a surcharge.


99.95% Uptime Guarantee

24/7 Support via Ticket, Phone, Email


(Optional) Tenant Access

Dedicated IP Address


Regular Hardware Refreshes

Monitoring (Available)

Unlimited Traffic


E-Commerce Website

Remote Desktop

Secure High Volume Object Storage

Survey and Form Apps and Storage


If you run a website or application that handles sensitive user information such as an e-commerce site or an app that handles medical records, it is important that data is as safe as possible.

A vLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a private network created through virtualization. The network appears and acts like a completely separate network thus insulating your data from all other traffic. All traffic moving through the vLAN is encrypted and not exposed to the open network. This enhances the security of your site and the protection of your user's data beyond what SSL encryption can do.

When you are given private tenancy, you are given your own account within our hypervisor. This means that any virtual machines associated with your account are separate from other clients. This is similar to a dedicated cloud. Think of the hypervisor as a piece of software that helps keep your data completely separate despite sharing the same hardware.

This will depend on the service. For example, it is not possible to create a vLAN on a Balanced Public Cloud because that particular product is shared amongst users. However, vLAN is also used in our Virtual Private Clouds and Bare Metal Dedicated Servers.

If you are looking into adding vLAN please contact us so we can provide you with specifics based on your personal situation.

Virtual Private Cloud is focused on providing maximum tenancy privileges to clients such as provisioning hardware, creating virtual machines etc.

Private Network VPS is focused on providing a more secure solution than our Balanced Public Cloud, but does not provide maximum tenancy privileges. Private Network VPS will still give you access to your hypervisor but your abilities to perform some advanced functionality will be limited.

Both solutions feature vLAN and direct access to the server running your cloud.

You should always maintain security best practices to encrypt and protect your data as much as possible. While not necessarily related to vLAN, using HTTPS and incorporating SSLs whenever possible is an excellent way to add an encryption layer to your data.

We do not recommend using Private Network VPS for HIPAA compliant applications. Although technically possible, you will want to use a configuration such as our Virtual Private Cloud or Dedicated Private Cloud which give you full access to your tenancy.


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