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Choosing a cloud can be challenging. There’s a variety of solutions that appeal to users and businesses of different sizes. And based on reading the cloud specifications, you might not understand the complete value of one solution over another.

Below is a list of our different cloud configurations for you to explore. Each comes in a variety of configurations aimed at providing value and scalability. All our options can be purchased with just a few clicks. Or, you can contact one of our sales consultants so we can suggest a plan that will work for your development needs.

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Balanced Public Cloud was built to be simple and affordable. We’ve taken our time to make sure each plan is configured to handle almost any application or task as efficiently as possible.

Balanced Public Clouds are virtual private servers (VPS) meaning that your data and resources are in their own virtual machine, securely separating you from your neighbors. We do not have any bandwidth limits either, so think of it as your own remote computer.

We built these for small to medium businesses and developers looking for an easy solution to application hosting, web hosting, or dev environments. And in the spirit of making things easy we include Turnkey Linux which allows you to spin up a server pre-configured with any common application like Minecraft, WordPress, Django, or more almost instantly! Also, unlike the big guys like AWS, we don’t leave you on your own. All clients are VIPs with 24/7 support.

Balanced Public Cloud


Your business may need more security than a basic VPS can provide but you don’t need all the features of a private or dedicated cloud. So we offer Private Network Virtual Private Servers. These are VPS servers defended with vLAN, hardware firewall, and in HIPAA certified data center defended with access cards and biometric security.

vLAN encrypts all traffic going to and from your server, eliminating any fears of neighbors potentially viewing your data or launching malicious attacks. vLAN is ideal for websites or applications like E-commerce or surveys that handle sensitive information. Please explore our Private Network VPS plans to learn about more benefits.

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Virtual Private Cloud is an entire virtual data center that you can control within our simple-to-use KVM hypervisor. Imagine being able to, within a few clicks, spin up a cluster of servers and have them all maintained in a single pane of glass. Then, when you need help, have an IT team on-call 24/7. A rare service in the cloud market that will enable your business to scale.

Virtual Private Cloud is a virtualized solution with all the advantages of a dedicated cloud including privacy via separate tenancy and vLAN, the speed provided by KVM, and the flexibility to spin up and delete servers at a moment’s notice within resource limitations. But being virtualized, VPC is more affordable than a comparable dedicated cloud and can scale quicker by allowing you to add more resources without having to configure an entire new machine.

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EXPLORE Dedicated Private CloudS

Our most powerful offering. Dedicated Private Clouds from ZebraHost are tailor-built for the most demanding enterprises. Starting at 2-nodes and scaling from there, your infrastructure will be hosted on the latest dedicated hardware with top-end specs. You will then be given full control over your hardware. Many businesses choose to run their applications on the metal, but hardware can be used for virtualization to create cluster of virtual machines or be used for containers.

Your Bare Metal will be treated with white-glove service with full installation from us in a HIPAA, PCI, HITRUST certified data center. You will also be given access to the physical server itself. By scheduling time with us to visit the data center, we will give you access to your physical storage giving you complete ownership of your data.

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While big players are trying to force a cloud-only approach, we want to provide a more flexible option for your business. ZebraHost’s hybrid cloud solutions are designed to work seamlessly with your on-premises hardware so that you have a secure and reliable place to sync data to. Whether you need on-premises infrastructure to meet regulation and still want somewhere else to offload data, or simply want to transition into the cloud, ZebraHost Hybrid Cloud is a perfect solution.

Because no cloud configuration is the same, we always encourage having quick consultation. We hear your needs, assess strategies to scale your cloud, and get an idea of how to work with your on-premises infrastructure. Till then, please explore our Hybrid Cloud Solutions page to learn more.

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