Our Commitment to Developers




Over the last 20 years that ZebraHost has been delivering exceptional cloud services, we’ve noticed just how essential the cloud is for business. Whether you rely on the cloud through SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS, it is likely an integral part of your business. And for good reason. The cloud computing revolution has transformed business. Cloud has reduced hardware risks for IT, accelerated growth, allowed businesses to keep their data redundant, off-premises, and allowed the rise of complex analytical tools to make business more efficient.

But with the rise of the cloud and all its advantages, we’ve also seen the rise of big cloud companies that use their name, size, and APIs to entice more and more companies to move to their cloud platform. Once hooked, big cloud providers make it almost impossible to move away. While big cloud has advantages, there's a host of disadvantages.


Proprietary Dev Platforms

Big cloud companies are increasing their set of tools designed to encourage vendor lock-in. If you choose to leave, consultants are typically needed and there is a large financial burden.

Idea Theft

Big cloud providers are always trying to increase their suite of tools and services. If your project is something they find useful, they have all the code they need in your server to replicate it.

Unreasonably High Cost

Brand name is powerful. Big cloud companies use their name recognition to entice developers to use their cloud and not consider alternatives from smaller cloud providers.

Lack of Control

Typically big cloud providers only allow access to the server itself. This limits your ability to perform maintanance, monitoring or backups. It also limits your ability to take your data and leave.

Poor Customer Support

The cloud computing world has moved to tickets and emails. Now, Very few clouds allow users to speak to a person. This privilege, if offered at all, is typically only for high-tier customers.

Big Cloud Dominance

As big cloud companies have come to dominate more industries, there is a growing argument that alternatives need to exist to prevent having an oligopoly of a few providers.


So let's fix it

ZebraHost has always provided exceptional customer service. We want to make the cloud simple, straightforward, and transparent. By providing exceptional customer service and a clear commitment that defines what we will and won't do, we think we can do just that!

We’ve agreed on a commitment to the devs we work with. Here are the tenets of that commitment.


Not to Compete

Companies that are a part of "Big Cloud" always have their hands in other business ventures. Sometimes even multiple industries. They are always looking for ideas to enhance their own platform and to market themselves as an all-in-one provider of services. Some of the time, that means stealing your idea and implementing it into their own services.

We promise that any idea that is yours, remains yours. ZebraHost is solely focused on our main cloud business and the services that surround it.

Not to Sell Out

We've seen it time and time again. Small cloud providers that wanted to challenge big cloud only to either be bought out or seek venture capital funding. Sooner or later, they themselves became a part of big cloud.

ZebraHost is not seeking venture capital funding or a buyer. We want to remain 100% independent. Independent cloud providers are a rarity these days and we couldn't do it without the help of our long-time clients and innovative partners.

Not to Ignore You

If there's one complaint we've heard over and over again it's that big cloud providers have abandoned quality customer service. If you want customer service from the big cloud providers you have to pay extra on top of the service rendered. If you don't, they leave all issues up to you to solve. And customer service comes in a set of tiers that dictates when you receive help, if you can call customer support, and if you need to purchase seperate add-ons to fix the solution.

For 20 years, ZebraHost has always maintained the position that a company is only as good as it's support. The cloud is a complex world where anything can go wrong which is why we don't leave our customers hanging. No matter what services you are receiving from us you will always receive 24/7/365 customer support over phone, email or support ticket.

Not to Overcharge You

Big cloud providers charge a lot. Why? Because they can. Most developers and consumers are only familiar with big cloud companies like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. When you have big brand recognizition and a proprietary platform you can simply charge more.

ZebraHost is focused on being an alternative by offering a fair price for complete cloud solutions. We charge fair prices and will not try to charge for extras like customer service. Our quotes and pricing structure remain simple and transparent.

Not to Put You in a Box

Some cloud providers like to keep things simple by only offering pre-configured solutions that address the majority of customers. At first this makes sense because it keeps options easy. But cloud isn't one-size-fits all so many developers never see the maximum value they could be getting from their cloud.

ZebraHost makes things easy by giving you a range of preconfigured cloud configurations and services. But we try to make sure we are delivering value and solutions that fit your needs. If you need a custom environment or cloud, please contact our customer service or sales team. We will make sure to tailor a solution that fits your needs perfectly.

Not to Put Your Security at Risk

Security solutions can be limited with big cloud providers. And big cloud poviders have thousands of customers meaning you're individual security isn't a priority.

ZebraHost treats security as an individual matter with each of our clients. We have arranged a set of solutions like putting our clients on private vLANs if neccessary, bringing on 3rd part security consultants, purchasing security services for websites, tunneling client servers through our firewall, and more. No matter what your security needs are, we will meet them.

Not to Invade Your Privacy

One of the biggest concerns for developers working with big cloud is data privacy. Most big cloud providers have an entire business dedicated to harvesting user data either to sell or incorporate it into their own analytics for research. Do you trust a company that literally sells data to host your development project?

ZebraHost does not sell data. What's on your cloud is your business. Not ours. When we maintain and manage your cloud we make sure to respect your data privacy, only seeing the information in your server needed to manage it.


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