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Virtual private cloud is for those that need more than just a single cloud instance. Virtual Private Cloud provides an entire virtualization environment where businesses are free to manage and provision virtual environments up to their resources limits.

A VPC allows you to install your own operating system, and configure specs like RAM, CPU cores, and storage. It is highly customizable and can be tailored with whatever hardware is needed.

The major advantage of a VPC is that because you have private tenancy but shared hardware, you can enjoy privacy without paying the premium for a dedicated or bare-metal cloud.

Use cases for a VPC vary widely. It can be used to power anything from a cluster of websites to high-power enterprise applications. A VPC also offers enhanced security over "shared" cloud solutions. Enhanced security comes from the fact that private tenancy keeps your data separate from others while giving you complete control over your resources. Your VPC is also connected with a dedicated vLAN which encrypts traffic to and from your cloud. This makes a VPC ideal for companies or individuals that require security and power at an affordable price.

Virtual Private Cloud


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Dev Projects

$60/ month


Low Traffic

$100/ month


Medium Traffic

$140/ month


Medium Traffic

$190/ month

RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
SSD Storage 40 GB 100 GB 150 GB 200 GB
CPU Cores 2 vCore 4 vCore 8 vCore 8 vCore
Windows License N/A $30 $30 $30
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Uptime Guarantee 99.95% 99.95% 99.95% 99.95%
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Self Cloud Provisioning
Dedicated IP Address
SSD Storage
Regular Hardware Refreshes
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Unlimited Traffic
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VPC which stands for Virtual Private Cloud is a type of cloud which shares hardware, but not tenancy. For example, when you provision a VPC through ZebraHost, you will be on the same hardware as other tenants, but your server and its resources are not split with other tenants. Your server remains private and separated by the hypervisor. You are also free to upgrade resources, configure your own database, and install your own OS.

Shared hosting means that your data is hosted on the same server with other tenants. Your data is on a VM but shares the same tenancy and resources with other users. shared hosting is common with budget web hosting providers because it is inexpensive and websites are generally less resource intensive than other tasks like application hosting. Note - shared hosting is considered one of the least secure solutions. For sensitive data it is recommended to switch to a VPC or dedicated cloud.

Dedicated hosting means that not only do you receive a private virtualized environment, you also receive a rack of hardware with it. Dedicated hosting is considered highly secure and recommended for large corporations or medium-sized corporations with a need for resources that goes beyond what a virtual solution can provide.

Yes. If you need to move your data from one hardware rack to another or to another data center entirely, contact our customer service team so we can coordinate the move with you. We will make sure your information is moved in a timely manner, with little to no disruption to your frontend.

Virtual Private Cloud itself can be used for businesses seeking HIPAA compliancy. Our data center is also HIPAA compliant. However there are many factors to meeting HIPAA compliance such as data encryption, replication, and extra security layers. For our Virtual Private Cloud to be HIPAA compliant, you must make sure your application or database is built to meet HIPAA compliancy.

Also, while Virtual Private Cloud can be used to meet HIPAA compliance, it is typically recommended to have your app or database on dedicated hardware so its completely separate from other users physically. This helps increase the likelihood of successful audits as well as gives more control over data. Dedicated Private Clouds from ZebraHost provide a completely separate on cutting-edge hardware.

Dedicated Private Cloud

Yes. virtual Private Cloud gives you full access to your hypervisor so that you can provision VMs and resources as you please within your allocated system resources.

Virtual Private Cloud is focused on providing maximum tenancy privileges to clients such as provisioning hardware, creating virtual machines etc.

Private Network VPS is focused on providing a more secure solutions than our Balanced Public Cloud, but not providing maximum tenancy privileges. Private Network VPS will still give you access to your hypervisor but your abilities to perform some advanced functionality like server provisioning will be limited.

Both solutions feature vLAN and direct access to the server running your cloud.

Our data centers are HIPAA, PCI, and HITRUST certified. In addition, they are protected with biometric security scanners, single person access, and monitored 24/7.


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