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Starting at just $33.00/Year, ZebraCloud Mail provides powerful, secure, enterprise-grade email that integrates seamlessly with your organization’s cloud. We developed ZebraCloud mail to be an affordable email service that provides all necessary functionality for organizations including aliases, anti-spam, custom mailboxes, and backup.

ZebraCloud Mail is non-proprietary and will work on any secure POP/IMAP enabled email client. Popular examples include default email applications on smartphones, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird. As long as your client is POP/IMAP enabled, feel free to use any client you wish.

As with every ZebraHost service, ZebraCloud Mail comes with 24/7/365 customer support that can help you with any technical challenge you or your team are facing.

ZebraHost Cloud Mail Enterprise Grade Email



ZebraCloud Mail is full of features designed for enterprises like active directory, encryption, and user aliases. But ZebraHost keeps things simple by helping you setup your mail every step of the way.


ZebraCloud Mail is security-focused. It features encryption so that every message your corporation sends cannot be seen by hackers or anyone else outside your corporation.


Starting at $33.00/Year per 25GB inbox, ZebraCloud Mail is both robust and affordable. At that price, all accounts receive the same great features promoting speed, security, and agility.


ZebraCloud Mail is designed to be implemented into your enterprise internally. This means that your emails stay private when integrated with encryption and secure firewall infrastructure.


ZebraCloud Mail isn't locked into any proprietary email clients. ZebraCloud mail works on most POP or IMAP clients. We can help you setup your mail on popular clients like Outlook or Thunderbird.


With ZebraCloud Mail you receive more than just an email service. You receive a dedicated team of support staff available for phone conversation, support through IT tickets or email.


ZebraCloud Mail is extremely customizable. It features user aliases, custom email filtering, customizable backup intervals, and more. We can also migrate existing email setups.


ZebraCloud Mail features a robust set of features aimed at corporate usability, security and technical support. Read below to see all the great services that ZebraCloud Mail supports.


ZebraCloud Mail will integrate with any POP/IMAP desktop email client. Examples include the default Mac and Windows email clients, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird.

ZebraCloud Mail will work with any Mobile POP/IMAP supported email client. These include the default email clients on IOS and Android along with 3rd part email clients you download

ZebraCloud Mail is easily accessible via web browser which means no software installation is needed.


  • Secure POP/IMAP Connection
  • Custom Mailboxes
  • 25GB Mailboxes
  • Migration Services
  • Email Archiving $33.00/yr
  • Premium Anti-Spam & Virus
  • Works with Hosted Exchange
  • Outlook Auto-Setup
  • Encryption
  • Active Directory
  • Backup & Retrieval
  • 50MB Attachments
  •  User Aliases
  • Custom Email Filtering
  • Domain Aliases
  • Split-Domain Routing


Setting up ZebraCloud Mail on Outlook is simple! Please see the following knowledgebase article on how to setup ZebraCloud Mail on Outlook.

Setup ZebraCloud Mail on Outlook

Setting up ZebraCloud Mail on Thunderbird is simple! Please see the following knowledgebase article on how to setup ZebraCloud Mail on Mozilla Thunderbird.

Setup ZebraCloud Mail on Thunderbird

Setting up ZebraCloud Mail on IOS is simple! Please see the following knowledgebase article on how to setup ZebraCloud Mail on IOS.

Setup ZebraCloud Mail on IOS

Setting up ZebraCloud Mail on Android is simple! Please see the following knowledgebase article on how to setup ZebraCloud Mail on Android.

Setup ZebraCloud Mail on Android

Yes. ZebraCloud Mail features encryption.


Most known emails are provided through large cloud organization like Microsoft and Google. Not everyone is comfortable with all of their business emails being exchanged through the servers of these large cloud providers. We developed ZebraCloud Mail to be a fully-featured enterprise email solution that provides an alternative to large cloud providers. ZebraCloud Mail offers end-to-end encryption and communication with other ZebraHost cloud solutions.

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